Challenge Yourself

Do you ever wonder what’s in store for the week? How will that project shake out with that co-worker you don’t particularly love? How will your evenings flow with all the practices, games, and meetings [...]

To Train or Not To Train

As you may have heard, the CrossFit Open is right around the corner. Beginning October 12th at Steel Rain Fitness, the Open has raised questions about preparedness. Do you need to train for this [...]

Journey to Perfection

This week, we will be working on two of the hardest movements in CrossFit - the overhead squat and the snatch. This will excite some and fill others with pure dread. Before you think about [...]

Next Level Goals

We all have an exercise routine for a reason. While the actual motivation is different for everyone, the ultimate reason is the same – we all want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. But [...]

Fitness Bucket List

We have talked before about the importance of goals. Without goals, we are just going through the motions and risk complacency. Sometimes we need to go beyond goals and set our sights on accomplishments. Once-in-a-lifetime accomplishments, [...]

How to Crush Murph

Ah – Murph. Some of us love this workout and are energized by completing it, sometimes multiple times per year. Others are scared to death of Murph and fake a fever on Murph day. Murph [...]

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