Heart Health

We love the month of February, and not just because of Valentine’s Day chocolate. We love it because February represents heart health – physical and mental. To us, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to [...]

Liking the Number on the Scale

When you enter into a challenge at Steel Rain Fitness, we need ways to hold you accountable. It is difficult to measure “health” when that picture of health looks different for each client. We use [...]

Focus on the Important Choices

We have been focusing on Jodie’s journey for the last three weeks. We shared her story and looked at how both nutrition and fitness work together in achieving a healthy lifestyle. We hope this [...]

New Year’s Hope

It’s January (in case you missed the calendar change). January is the month where millions of people across the globe feel like the step into a fresh new year is the perfect opportunity to make [...]

Conquer Self-Doubt

Once she saw what her body was capable of, Jodie became a woman on a mission. After her first son was born, she realized she needed to take better care of her body. In [...]

Nutritional Needs

Paleo. Keto. Plant based. Vegetarian. Pescatarian. Meal Replacement. Your head can spin trying to figure out the best way to eat. And the truth is, the best way to eat will vary slightly from person [...]

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