We have talked before about the importance of goals. Without goals, we are just going through the motions and risk complacency. Sometimes we need to go beyond goals and set our sights on accomplishments. Once-in-a-lifetime accomplishments, to be exact.

Enter the Bucket List.

A traditional bucket list includes things we strive to accomplish once before we die. That may mean a big trip or meeting an idolized star. But bucket lists can also be fitness related and we wanted to share just a few ideas to get you thinking about what you might want to include on your own list.

Go whitewater rafting
Learn to dive
Perform a walking handstand
Run your first 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon
Do pull-ups unassisted
Master the muscle-up
Learn proper lifting form
Squat your bodyweight
Enter a CrossFit competition
Become a coach

Fitness Bucket List - Aim high steelrainfitness.com

Here’s the thing. Making a bucket list is fun. And truth be told, many people make their lists, dream a little, and then never take action. But we have a challenge for you.

The Challenge

It is proven that when we set goals and verbalize them, we are more likely to achieve them. So, make yourself a fitness bucket list and then choose one or two things to share that you want to accomplish in the next six months. What is it that will challenge your endurance, strength, and skills? Are there activities you love so much you want to get better? What fitness goals do you have that will spark life into your journey? The work you put into achieving your goals will be exhilarating and accomplishing a goal will provide you a memory to never be parted with.

Are you up to the challenge? If so, make your fitness bucket list today. This list can contain as many or as few items as you want. In fact, you can add and tweak the list as often as you want through the years. Just make sure the items you list will be big accomplishments for you. Then, with list in hand, choose one or two items to complete in the next six months. Now, here’s the important part. Share these goals with a friend who will hold you accountable. You don’t have to tell us, or the world, if you don’t want (though we’d love to know!). Afterall, the point of a bucket list is to create a memory for yourself not brag about how awesome you are. But do tell someone. Find that one person who will cheer you on to completion and not forget that you ever had a goal in the first place.

Get Down to Business

Once you have your goals and your cheerleader, it is time to take action. Time is ticking! Six months will fly by and there is no time to waste. Find your training plan. Research the best places to complete your goals. Determine if there is a cost involved and how you will fund it. Sign up for a race, competition, or class. Whatever it is – just do it. Don’t think about it. Don’t wonder it you can do it. Just tell yourself this is what is going to happen and in six months, show that goal who is boss.

We have great faith in you! If you are willing to share your goals with a coach, please do. We’d love to be your cheerleader.