We have been focusing on Jodie’s journey for the last three weeks. We shared her story and looked at how both nutrition and fitness work together in achieving a healthy lifestyle. We hope this has stirred something inside you as you buckle down in the new year and work towards reaching your own health and fitness goals.

Jodie’s story wasn’t always filled with success, though. There were times along the way where she slipped up, fell off track, and lost focus. It happens, and we wanted to address some positive ways of dealing with this. Too often people look at a new year as a opportunity to get “into fitness” but fail to follow through before the first month of the new year even ends.

Not you. Not this time.

When we determine a goal, it is wise to break the goal into smaller goals. Don’t just say you want a healthier lifestyle. Choose one or two things that will help you achieve the lifestyle you hope for. Do those things well, and then build upon your newly developed habits and routines. As you do, your success rate increases, and you beat the overwhelming majority who discard and discredit their goals before those goals ever really had a chance.

Now, don’t think for a moment that taking things slow will keep you from falling off the wagon. Celebrations come along throughout the year that veer your healthy eating choices. Busy weeks ruin your fitness plans. Injuries and sickness have sneaky ways of knocking you out of the game. But all is not lost when these things happen. Jodie shared with us that she recently experienced some major hip pain and couldn’t do everything she was used to doing. She could have thrown her arms up and conceded with another piece of her favorite holiday pie, but instead she chose to continue to move in different ways while rehabbing her hip.

See the importance of choices?

Be kind to yourself when the things of life happen. If you get off track, understand it is not the end of the world. You can get back on track – but the longer you wait, the harder it is. Recognizing what effect your choices have on your goals will help you along the way.

If you are wanting to make a change, Jodie has two important pieces of advice for you.

  1. Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution or a Summertime Resolution that you have no intention of keeping. Choose to make “healthy” a lifestyle rather than something to check off your list.
  2. Love yourself where you are and look deep to find your “why.” Why do you want to embark on a healthy lifestyle journey? Why are you unhappy with your current situation? Why do you want to make changes? The way you answer your “why” is what motivates you to stick with it, making a resolution more of a life change.

January is coming to an end, but you don’t need a new week, month, or year to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t know where to start, then simply start where Jodie did several years ago – with her own research. Reach out to people in the health and fitness industry. Ask questions. Look for the plans and places that align with your goals. And if you would like to speak with Jodie about your next steps, she would love to help!

We are wishing you a healthy new year!