Physical and mental heart health

We love the month of February, and not just because of Valentine’s Day chocolate. We love it because February represents heart health – physical and mental. To us, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tap into both aspects of heart health and we can’t get enough!

As you are probably aware, any physical exercise, like CrossFit, will do wonders for heart health. And when love and friendship is in the air, it does wonders for mental health. Let’s face it, in a quest to be physically and emotionally strong, we also need to know we are loved and valued. So, if you have a CrossFit junkie in your life, give them a gift this Valentine’s Day that simply says, “I believe in you.” If you are not the CrossFit type, then please trust us when we tell you those are four words every CrossFitter wants to hear!

Jump Rope

We know that seems so 3rd grade, but jump ropes are an essential piece of equipment with CrossFit. Give the CrossFitter in your life an edge with his or her very own jump rope to practice with at home and wow gym pals with during the next double under WOD. Take a look at Rx Smart Gear and Double Under Wonder for some great options.

Wrist Wraps

The CrossFitter in your life is performing many different lifts when they hit the gym. Give them the gift of wrist support to help with movements like front squats, cleans, and anything overhead. The Rogue store has some good ones to choose from.

Knee Sleeves

Hey, training is hard, but you can make it a tiny bit easier with a gift of knee sleeves. They aren’t just for looks! Knee sleeves keep the knee warm and add compression for safety with all those squats and lunges. Make the CrossFit junkie in your life smile with a pair of Rogue or Bear Komplex sleeves.

Gym Bag

There are so many great options for gym bags. Match your CrossFitter’s style with a fun gym bag that will make him or her feel great about a healthy lifestyle.

Foam Roller

Your favorite CrossFitter is working hard! Give the gift of muscle relief with a foam roller for self-care. If you want to take things to the next level, surprise your CrossFitter with a gift card for a massage.

Speaking of gift cards…

You can never go wrong with a gift card to any of the above places. You can also add local shoe stores and sporting good stores to your list for gym necessities – shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories. And, if you want to receive special love status, consider a gym membership for your CrossFitter. Oh, and we even have great deals for you too if you want to learn what all the fuss is about. Message us for more information!

We wish you and your CrossFit loves a Happy Valentine’s Day, filled with all the best things to make your hearts healthy and happy. Be sure to share with us how you celebrate!