The number on the scale does not define you

When you enter into a challenge at Steel Rain Fitness, we need ways to hold you accountable. It is difficult to measure “health” when that picture of health looks different for each client. We use the scale to help us monitor progress and help you make healthy choices, but the number on the scale doesn’t tell us the whole story.

Your Performance

A number on the scale can’t tell us how fit you are. But do you know what does? Your performance in class. Our coaches are diligently watching to make sure you are progressing appropriately. We look for things like how many sit-ups and push-ups you can do before becoming tired, how quickly you are able to progress on box jumps, and if you run a little further and even a little faster. Don’t worry. We are not hoping you will be the fittest member of the gym in a matter of weeks. We are simply looking for you to become better than when you started.

A number on the scale can’t tell us about your diet. But do you know what does? Your performance at the gym. Weight fluctuates. People have different levels of metabolism. We equip you with an eating plan and we trust that you will follow the plan. If you don’t, we will be able to tell, but not necessarily because of a number on the scale. You see, when we eat healthier, our bodies change from the inside out and those changes are most easily spotted by observing your workouts. You’ll stay focused longer and not tire as quickly when you are fueling your body appropriately.

A number on the scale can’t tell us about your habits. But do you know what does? You guessed it – your performance at the gym. The number doesn’t tell us if you are getting an appropriate amount of sleep, eating enough protein, or drinking enough water. But we can tell when you are sluggish at the gym and we can guess the reasons why.

So why weigh?

A number on the scale can’t tell us how you are feeling. A fluctuating number gives us a glimpse of what might be happening, but only you can tell us how you truly feel in your own skin. Even so, stepping on the scale is a good place to start when you need to measure specific goals. It has no other purpose. The scale does not account for your body composition, your age, gender, goals – nothing. The scale does not tell the picture of your health. It can’t. But you can.

We are not passionate about a number on the scale, but we are passionate about fitness and confident in the challenges we offer which use the scale as a way to monitor progress. Your health is never about a number to us. We work hard to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go – well beyond a number. Why? Because we truly believe you are more than a number.


If you are frustrated with a number, we might suggest a challenge to help motivate you to take the next steps. Our Steel Fit Burn Challenge is eight weeks of HIIT/Tabata type training paired with a nutrition plan, accountability, and support to bring you results. Yes, you will notice the number on the scale decrease, but more importantly, you will also notice things like increased strength, faster speed, and more energy.

Accept the Challenge

Our bodies are made to move. When you get moving with Burn, you will torch calories. As you progress through the eight weeks, you will notice how your body changes.

Our bodies need to be fueled to move. When you focus attention on a proper diet filled with whole, unprocessed foods, you will experience more energy throughout the day.

Our bodies are meant to be challenged. When you embrace the workouts, surrounded by encouraging coaches and a community of friends, you will see improvement.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Sure, we’ll have you step on the scale, but the number won’t tell us anything about you because we know there is more to health and fitness than a number on the scale. We just want you to come into the gym, push yourself, strive to improve, and feel good about what you are accomplishing to meet your goals. When you do, the number on the scale will fall in line.

Learn to love yourself and even like the number on the scale. Join our Burn Challenge today!