We all have an exercise routine for a reason. While the actual motivation is different for everyone, the ultimate reason is the same – we all want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. But what exactly does that mean? One of our members posted a comment the other day about her progress and goals. She mentioned the advice she received from Drew, a Steel Rain Fitness coach – practice, practice, practice. We won’t reach our goals without it.

Goals take Practice steelrainfitness.com

Simple in nature and seemingly easy – practice takes patience and dedication. We have members who are currently working on mastering skills like handstands, pull-ups, and pistols. These skills are not easy and they take time, effort, and practice to achieve. So, are these the measurement of health? Are you considered “healthy” if you can perform these skills with ease?

On one hand, the answer is a hearty no. Not everyone will be able to master every move in CrossFit. That is part of the allure of the sport. In CrossFit, everything can be modified to fit your needs and ability. But on the other hand, the answer is an emphatic yes – and this is what we want to focus on today.

The Motivation

It is not the actual skill we are concerned about, but rather the motivation the skill provides. You see, everyone needs a goal that goes beyond weight loss. A goal that is physical in nature that will challenge you to get to the next level – beyond where you are today. So, for some of our members, that goal is handstands and pull-ups. If you have perfected yours, maybe your goal is to get to a max level. We are working on snatches right now. Maybe your goal is to perfect your snatch at a certain weight. Still for others it may simply be to walk unassisted or to move an empty bar overhead. Your personal goal is the thing that gives you the motivation to keep coming back to the gym. To keep improving. To get to the next level.

If you have the desire to meet a goal, you work at it. It will take strength and mobility, as well as coordination and flexibility to accomplish physical skills. If you have the goal to do a heavy deadlift, you don’t just work on deadlifts. To reach your goal, you strengthen your core, weight your squats, improve your grip, and pay attention to work on your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. It all works together. Sure, you can do some things at home, but most people are not as successful in doing so. The majority of success is seen in the people who work on goals in the community of a gym, under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable coach, and alongside other people who also have goals.

There is something magical that happens when a group of like-minded people gather together to work towards goals. As we get closer to achieving that which we have set out to do, we notice how we are getting stronger. We love the progress we make as we reach different levels of our goals. And we become addicted to the growth we experience. That very growth is our motivation. When we can do things today that we couldn’t do weeks or months ago, it gives us a boost in confidence and motivates us to keep going.

So, what is it for you? What is your motivation? We would love to know – seriously. We want to know what you are working towards so that we can continue to help you reach milestones and get to the end result. Take a quick moment to share your goals with us by clicking here and let’s get to work!